Mapping The Tech Startup Ecosystem in India : Part II


There are a lot of ecosystem players coming up – which is great news. It means that we can start working together to cohesively build up great startups. The issue though is that there is a major confusion among the players in terms of where they stand etc. So I’ve done what has to be the perspective that matters – go from the Entrepreneurs’ Point of view and how the startup matures. This is from a Technoloy Startup and Product Startup point of view, so apologize if the milestones arent exactly matching (it wouldnt if you are a service oriented startup). Let me know if this makes sense.





Version 4: Expanded on More Entities in the “Scale” Vertical.

Version 3: Added Hasgeek, Nurture Talent and NEN to the Awareness / Skillbuilding space.

Version 2: Added Blume, Kae, Seedfund, IndiaQuotient to the Scale end of the Spectrum.

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