Hour One. Make it Count.


You invite someone to your house. They show up at your door step. What do you do next? Do you then run off, disappear and hide in your work/study while the visitor roams around and stumbles and figures their way out? That, would be rude, right? Yet thats what most services do.

Customer acquisitions are the same way. You are going to have to engage and make them feel welcome, just the same way you treat your guests. If they subscribe to you, by giving their email address, say hello and send a welcome email (and be creative!). Also tools like Tour My App pick it up  in the second stage where they show up at the door of your service offering, and say “Here I am, where do we start?”. Don’t disappear at that point. Just because its virtual, does not give you an excuse. Walk them through.

Customers are like guests who show up invited. Onboarding is playing host. Think of it that way, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Coming to the real world, statistics say that the experience that an “employee” would have on their first day at work, has significant impact on how long they stay with the organization and how productive they are during their tenure.

Make sure you go out of your way, not with a fake projection, but simple things as having a desk, and the paperwork ready, can make an impression.

It may sound cheesy, but make the first time, a wonderful experience – going beyond functional value, and delivering on the emotional connect as well.

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