What do you tolerate?


Crooked House

Picked up a spirit level yesterday from the hardware store. While I was heading to the centre (where things are getting setup), I imagined that quite a few of the posters and boards we had put up, will have to be re-done.

When it comes to workspaces, I believe the way you have things done around you, reflects in the work that folks in that environment produce. If you tolerate crooked images hanging on the wall, paint peeling off and other colours showing from underneath and such – well don’t be offended – or disappointed – if your designer thinks font sizes are random (and writes you a ransom note), or your developer has no sense of documenting or writing elegant code.

When I step into an environment, what I see around – the intricate details, shows what one is willing to tolerate and the standard that one sets for themselves and those around themselves – that’s what a workspace says.

This doesn’t mean swanky though. You can have a pure white walled office, with a table in the middle and work and it would say quite a bit about you vs a cluttered and badly designed workspace.

Perfection is what we strive for. As humanity – especially as entrepreneurs – what we are constantly pushing for is immortality; not for us, but that through our work we would be remembered for time to come. and that doesn’t happen with shoddy workmanship that you produce and leave for today, expires tomorrow and is forgotten right after. We don’t always achieve perfection (and that is to be understood), but if you set your standard and mark anything lower than that, well you get something far lower in value.

And yes the picture frames and the boards have been checked and they are perfectly balanced – couldn’t have gotten a shut eye without getting that clarified.

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