How to ask for a (startup) Job


I am puzzled by reading emails where it says nothing but “Hi, I am looking for a Job”, and so do many of the startup founders I know of. Trust me, there is a need for good talent, but a talent that doesn’t even bother to explain what they do is categorized quickly into the “no” bucket.

Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, and since everyone is so good at following templates, here is a template of what MUST go into an introduction email – if you are reaching out to someone for a job. Applies for most things, but specifically more so, when it comes to startups.

“Hi, My name is XYZ. I previously worked at zzz (or built a venture named yyy). I was responsible for <Key activity> where I did <specifics> for a period of <time duration>. I am good at <what you are best at> and would like to explore a position doing <an ideal role in your mind>.

**Bonus points if you can go through the website, look at the product and add one┬áthing you can improve, from your perspective – serves as an example of what you are good at **

You can find a portfolio of my work at : <github / slideshare / blog / repository> and my updated linkedin profile is at <link to LI profile>.”

Please note, that this does not work for Internships. You will have to ask for a chance with Internships – or try one of the many sites that do a fabulous job at connecting interns to opportunities. Those Applying for Internships, Read this and this (In the context of startups).

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