Sumo Wrestlers vs Soccer Players


Think of your startup team as one unit. The Silicon valley plays the game of Sumo wrestling. There is one giant fellow on each side, trying to get the other one out of the court. its usually one or two engineers who are paid 100K annually who drive things.

In most other markets, the rule to play would be like, Soccer, or Hockey – its not one player who is holding the cards, it is a team of 11 that is playing for your side. Everyone has a position, a role and their skills that puts them there. Teams that are driven by one or two rockstars, have issues to scale – the recent world cup is a phenomenal attestation to it – the message is loud and clear, a complete team is better than a few sprinkled rockstars. In most markets, especially in emerging asia, its not a 100K engineer, its perhaps 10, 10K engineers (whatever the local salary rates might be).

The key is to think of ways to make them act like one unit – that’s your job as a CEO / Manager

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