Launching The Prototyping Guide


As you know …

We started this initiative called In50hrs three years ago. Having seen more than 3000 participants attend, pitch their ideas, form teams and build prototypes – and with more than 10 years of experience working with startups, I am faced with one question over and over again – “Is there like a guide that one can follow, on prototyping their business idea?”

I kept saying No, but finally gave in and started putting one together. After a lot of iterations, thoughts, discussions and reading up, Voila!

Now there is : Sign up here

Please sign up. It is designed and put together like a course – with some examples, insights, and real stories of entrepreneurs in India. At the end there are a few questions that I’d like for you to try to answer each day. Think about it, and absorb it. You should get the notes in instalments spread a little over 30 days. And yes it is FREE.

Share with folks you know – if someone has been asking you the same question – or feel free to go through it yourself. And share.

Sharing makes everything better.

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