How Ecosystems Evolve


Ecosystems evolve in stages.

All ecosystems need three fundamental ingredients – People, Entities and Ideas. A lot of folks would say governments need to get involved, but the only thing that Governments know how to do right is by enacting policies. Early on when the ecosystems are just emerging, and there are not enough trends to define policies by, if you get the government prematurely engaged, you will end up with a lot of policies that dont reflect ground reality – or worse reflect the interests of someone trying to capitalize on an emerging ecosystem.

Governments are at best the environments in which these three elements work under, and early on when the ecosystem is emerging, its best if the government simply stays out of it.
Ecosystems evolve over time. The way to guage the stage of an ecosystem is by the calibre and quality of ideas and solutions that it churns. Most folks are rather upset about an emerging ecosystem like India, because they claim that there are fewer original ideas. I’d have to agree, but you are also looking for a bride when its just a teenager.

Ecosystems go through stages of admiration, appreciation, imitation, adaptation, experimentation and finally originality. When it comes to the startup or business side of things, we are a mix of imitation and adaption at this stage. We aren’t overwhelmed by imitation as we were a few years back, but we aren’t quite original with our ideas either. The fact that an Ola is more rugged than Uber (the global counterpart) is proof of that statement. We are getting better and better at adapting better, relevant solutions to the local problem. Which is also the reason why local successes will be great acquisition targets by the global counterparts.

That said, there are other creative sectors – such as writing, where the progression is far along – there is a lot of experimentation and even emergence of originality there. Our development model still is very much in the appreciation and imitation phase. Equality as a concept is mire admiration and appreciation – we are nowhere close to implementing anything.

You’ll notice that what began as a discussion about creativity, has seeped right into civil issues and how we perceive development of the society. Thats because you cant seperate “mindset” from where creativity grows. While we do compartmentalize different aspects – we are still evolving – further along than we think, but still a long way to go.

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