“How can you help me with funding”


I am starting to get a lot of emails where the summary is pretty much the title of this blog post, that I thought writing this post would help.

Short answer: I can’t.

Let me explain. Startups are now finally mainstream. And yes there are a lot of more individual investors (aka Angels) and Institutional investors (VCs etc) who are looking for opportunities to invest in. Notice how I said “opportunities”. It means they are looking to invest in a startup where they have a chance of getting their money back – atleast principle, with some obnoxious multiples of the return if things go well.

So when your assumption is that someone is standing in the corner doling out cheques to everyone to passes by and pitches an idea (like a political party rallying up votes), well, I cant help, cause that’s not true. And that’s not how the world works – ever.

The key to raising capital is to present an opportunity. And an opportunity is one where there is a plan, makes business sense and has some sense of exclusivity to it. More than anything you need to learn to respect capital. Yes it is the least scarce resource on the planet, but if that is what you require to get things off the ground, then respect it. It is in our culture to do so.

Thanks to a certain Yadav, investors are weary of entrepreneurs who play fast and loose and I am thankful for that. They expect maturity, clarity on the business they are getting into and enough commitment to show that they are serious about it. If you are waiting for someone to invest in you, so that you can quit your job and then come over and take similar or more salary, well, you have the wrong idea about starting up.

I can’t do a thing for you if your goal is to get funding. But we do know a thing or two about building businesses. And if thats the agenda and capital is a requirement along the way, well then, please write to me.

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