The #ChennaiTricolor Initiative


If you ask any economist, what the secret weapon to accelerating the growth of a country is, they will tell you it is Entrepreneurs.

A decade or so ago, it happened. The wildfire enthusiasm and relentless of Indian entrepreneurs caught up steam. And that is phenomenal, but there is a BUT.

Entrepreneurship is a great tool to accelerate growth. But it also has the power to burn down the house. What is perhaps happening in Maharastra with the drought is an indication of it.

I do not believe that we need the government to regulate everything. But self governance also requires us all to align to a common cause – a simple cause would be to keep the interests of the nation ahead of our business interests. If its good for business, but it hurts the country in the long run, simply say NO.

I am not talking about nationalism here (where someone is forcing us to pay respect, pay taxes and using force to subjucate), but Patriotism where we really do want to leave a better “home” for our kids, and the kids of their kids, a place where they can always come back to and know that they belong here.

As a precursor to this, a bunch of volunteers are driving an initiative to put up a monumental national flag – in a public space, and so large and visible that you cant ignore and as a reminder that there is a bigger purpose for all of us to look upto. The initiative is going to be crowdfunded and truly one by the people.

I’d nudge for you to be part of it. This is in Chennai, but you can start a movement like this in your own city, town or village too.

Here’s how you can support:

1. Be a Volunteer

2. Sign the petition that we are sending to the govt

3. You can contribute towards the crowdfunding initiative to cover the cost of the flag.

4. Spread the word.

More details are at

Drop a note if you have any questions or comments. Also check on the FAQs on the website

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