There is everything in a name


Discovery is one of the big problems that every startup faces.

It is even worse if you are a mobile first play, because the discovery process in the appstore – both on iOS and Android is quite broken, which makes it even worse.

The ability for your potential customer to “stumble” onto you, has phenomenal consequences for the growth of your startup and customer base.

While we should all aspire to make discovery frictionless, here is ONE thing, every founder MUST DO.

Get the name right.

1. Do not misspell.
2. Do not make it harder for someone to say the name to someone over a phone call and for it to be either misunderstood or misspelt.

You can totally make an exception to this if you are a B2B Enterprise (high ticket, with feet on street sales model). But if you are a B2B SME focused startup or a B2C startup, the name is one critical aspect that you control to ensure you don’t create unnecessary hurdles for folks to discover you. Don’t stand in your own way.

PS: You no longer need <startupname>.com. Several startups domains such as get<productname>.com and do some basic SEO optimization, and are good to go. But that’s the deal, if your name is something that google thinks is misspelt, you are making it harder… again.

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