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My name is Vijay Anand and I am an entrepreneur. While I am not out building something of my own – and interests include anything from Mobile, Telecom, The Social Web, Enterprise and topics as diverse as Artificial Intelligence – I am usually found working with entrepreneurs helping them shape their businesses. Perhaps that is what brought me to found The Startup Centre. I like to keep myself busy with various things – be it community oriented learning, a self-identifying foodie (and dessert lover) or even a great book.

You can find me active on twitter. Do Say Hello.

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  1. manoj

    Dear Mr Vijay,

    I have gone through your blogs and I liked your opinions very much. Currently, I am based in Chennai.
    As you have mentioned that you deal with VC firms, if this is the case then i can have several good opportunities from EU (UK, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg etc). Please revert back (mklko2000@yahoo.com) if it interests you and if the VC firms would be interested to invest cross-border. Many thanks.

    Best Rgds,

  2. Ashish Surana

    Hello Sir,

    I am doing my B.Tech from IIT Delhi, into final semester now, I am interested to gain an experience working with a start up company along side my college schedule which is relatively relaxed now, can you suggest me any names of start up in and around New Delhi where i can work hard and contribute to the company as well as myself.

    Kindly mail me your mail id if possible.



  3. Marifran Manzo-Ritchie

    Vijay –

    Wanted to let you know about another pre-seed venture model launched in Philadelphia last week. DreamIt ventures (www.dreamitventures.com). DreamIt is following the Y Combinator model and currently calling for applications for for DreamIt ’08.


  4. Shankar

    Hey Vijay, were also at IIML? Or maybe there are multiple folks with your name from IITM. Glad to be here on your blog, and also to see your interest in artificial intelligence and neuro-science. Lets connect on email, and discuss. You may want to see http://7avenues.com too. Thanks/Shankar

  5. Shivakumar

    Hi Vijay,

    This is Shiva from Chennai. Just curious about the work done in Incubation/Business Center in IITM. Any website for the unit available?


  6. Shashank

    Dear Vijay,
    I am an experienced (20 years) banking and IT professional with very good product development experience. I am looking to start as an independent consultant to advise (on a paid basis) either small companies or start-ups who have reached some stability. My prefernce is for those who are operating in the banking space. An example is a company which is developing or has developed banking products.

    In case you are aware of such companies/entrepreneurs then it would be great if you could help me connect with them.


  7. Sharada

    Hi Vijay,

    I am a research student at the Dept of Management Studies,IISc,Bangalore.I am working on Knowledge,Social Capital and Entrepreneurship.From your profile and i understand that your inputs will be very useful for my research.Would like to meet you sometime and interact with you?

    Just curious:Did you study in Poorna Prajna,Sadashivanagar,Bangalore?

  8. Prasanta

    Hi Vijay,
    I am an entrepreneur and co-founder of http://www.swastik-nakshatra.com I am interested to attain startup/entrepreneur events like Barcamp etc. in Delhi. Please provide me necessary information. I would appreciate any suggestion and guidance from you.

  9. Priya

    Dear Mr. Vijay,

    I completed my engineering and joined an IT company(like majority of us do!) and was working for close to 5 years on various maintenance and development projects. I quit work as I wanted to do something different and change my field of work completely. I took up GMAT and was suggested this site by my sister. I read your blogs and liked what I read.

    I am interested in working with a start up company. Having said that, I am a little apprehensive about the kinds of skills that would be required to join a start up. To begin with, I have IT experience in the Insurance domain and have the ability to coordinate and lead people to achieve a set goal. Apart from this, I have global exposure while dealing with clients and I possess exellent communication skills. Unfortunately, I have no experience in any kind of web development but, I quickly grasp new ideas and can learn up while on the job.

    I would appreciate your suggestions and any aid you could provide to help me connect with start ups in Hyderabad or Bangalore.

    Thank you,

    P.S: Please mail me your email id.

  10. Shree

    Dear Vijay,

    I work for a small-ish consulting firm in the social business space, it is called IntelleCap.

    I liked the idea of a startup lunch, and would like to volunteer for assisting in organizing one in Hyderabad.

    On a separate note, I think the social enterprise space could benefit from a similar initiative, and would like to explore either starting or broadening the Startup Lunch to include social enterprises too- to help find experienced people who can work for startups that create value to society and the environment.

    Please do mail me back.


  11. Sridhar Oruganti

    Hi Vijay,
    Google Reader recommended your blog(based on my interests) the first thing that caught my eye was your tag.The Startup Guy;-)
    I hope one day I’ll sport the tag too.

  12. Aravindan Ramkumar

    Hello Vijay,
    I am a consultant/developer working in the USA. I have an idea for an internet startup focusing on the emerging indian internet space. But i don’t know where to begin or whom to talk to.

    I can send you the details, if you can send me your email id.


  13. Kavya

    Hi Vijay,

    Gone through your BLOGS, and i liked the idea very much.
    I completed my MBA(HR, Marketing). Currently as a HR in MNC.
    But always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Have a idea but really lost from where to start or seek for guidance. Can you please help me out with any suggestions.


  14. Karthikeyan

    Hi ji,
    I am Karthikeyan working in CTS .3 years experience in web app development .Net . My ambition is to start my own company .But I don’t know where to start. Currently I don’t have any clients..

  15. Vinod

    Hi Vijay

    I am currently having an idea and looking for incubators in Chennai. I do not know where to start but looking to start a mobile app based business.

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