The Blog is Back!

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I have been receiving a fair bit of emails asking me what has happened to my blog. Well, where do I start?

Well, for starters, I thought it was a good time to move my host to Dreamhost and decided not to stick with my current hosting service anymore.

Then, I decided that if I was going to move hosts, and move my blog and all the posts, it was might as well worth it to move it to wordpress.

Followed by me deciding to fix some of the links that I had been using related to Leadstep, and thought this would be the best time to branch off, and also decided to use this moment to revamp the looks of the site and make it more easier to add widgets and such.

The sum of all this work has been overwhelming. The design of the blog is still going on, and the DNS settings havent reflected to point the URL to the new host yet. At first I thought that I’ll wait till the design work is done and go online with it, but It might help myself, and comfort those who have been searching for my blog to see something – atleast temporarily. And hence this blog is created in and it shall be here till the transformation is complete.

Thanks again for the support and I am hoping that in a few hours I can move all my MT posts to WordPress and hopefully populate this blog.

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